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Test your nuclear acumen and get a chance to win a special prize! Find out some extraordinary facts about nuclear science, real-world technologies and beyond.
The contest is over! Stay tuned for next year!
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Global Atomic Quiz is a one-day international initiative launched to celebrate World Science Day! To have a bit of nerdy fun on this special occasion, we wanted to challenge you to learn some extraordinary facts about nuclear science – after all, it is all around us – in our homes, in technologies we use, out in nature, and even in outer space, playing a significant role in the life of our Universe.

Are there microorganisms with a superpower to convert elements? What about nuclear reactors that use a mix of metals instead of water as a cooler? Which subatomic particles have not just color and smell, but also charm? Expect the most unexpected questions (physics, atomic and space technologies, natural sciences), and groundbreaking answers!

The quiz questions are divided into two categories: Youth (age 11-16) and Adults (17+). The questions will be chosen accordingly. If you get lucky, you can win cool prizes!



Join to participate!

The quiz will be available only for 24 hours on November 10. Just click on the JOIN link to begin the quiz!


Complete the quiz!

Take the quiz of 15 questions and learn something new about the nuclear world. There is no time limit to complete the quiz! Take your time to enjoy it!


Share your results!

You will receive a certificate of participation, which you may share on social media or print out and hang on the wall.


Win a prize!

Participants in each category with the highest points will be selected to compete for the prize. Stay tuned for the updates – the winners will be selected with the help of a random number generator, by November 26, 2021. The prizes will be awarded in 2022.


age 11-16

Smart Holidays

There will be a paid trip to Russia and participation in one of the shifts of the international camp "Smart Holidays" of Rosatom – for schoolchildren. This is a unique opportunity to meet peers from all over the world to get the flavor of each country, and above all, Russia.

age 17+

NPP Tour

Winners in this category will have an excursion to one of the modern Russian nuclear power plants. It is a unique experience as there is no way of buying tickets for such a tour! Visiting an operating station and seeing with your own eyes how atomic energy is generated is one of the rarest experiences.

age 18-34

Special Prize

This prize is reserved for young nuclear professionals. If you are between 18 and 34 years old and you work in the nuclear industry, then you have a chance to win a paid trip to the International Youth Nuclear Congress, which will be held in Sochi (Russia) from 22 to 27 May, 2022.

If you still have questions about the project or participation rules, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer ASAP!

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What a start! Yet so many new things in the world of nuclear science and technologies to discover. Start with a physics book and keep learning!